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14 May 2007 @ 04:07 pm
yesterday, Bas and i spent the afternoon in Amsterdam viewing art.  we first had a late breakfast at Village Bagel and then went to see the James Nachtwey exhibit at the Foam fotografiemuseum.  afterwards, we walked to the Joods Historisch Museum to see a Robert Capa retrospective (as well as taking in a Eva Besnyo exhibit) and then following that, made our way to the Oude Kerk in the Red Light Distict to see this year's World Press Photo exposition.

it is so refreshing to have a partner who eagerly attends exhibitions and who engages in intelligent and inspired conversations about what we've seen.  we not only saw art most of yesterday but talked about art most of yesterday.

today, we both woke up feeling out of sorts.  i'm not sure if it is the change back to shitty weather or fighting off a bug or what.  i feel migrane-y, very dizzy, nauseated and extra emotionally sensitive.  it had been happening over the past few days yet nothing i couldn't deal with, but today i feel so wiped out by it.  i'm sick of feeling sick.  the past few weeks have seen Bas, me, and our kitty in various states of illness and incapacitation.

i think i need to find some miraculous dose of energy and scrub all the germs and allergens out of this house.  and maybe i need a good detox too.  or something...


the reason for the recent "out of sorts" feeling is that the water supply had been recently contaminated with e.coli... and we didn't find out until Tuesday evening.  so now we have to boil our water for an undetermined time period (prolly a week).
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