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30 May 2007 @ 06:52 pm
it got kind of overcast and nippy outside, so i'm indoors right now and posting again.

Bas has off on Sundays and Mondays and every other Monday i am free, which happened to occur this week and that coincided with a photo festival.  so this Monday we spent the day together travelling to Naarden and walking around the village attending the various 23 photo exhibits.  while worthwile just for excursion's sake, the art left much to be desired.  i am amazed at what boring, trite and sloppily presented shit gets into such expositions.  i saw so very little that i considered decent and next to none that i considered innovative or, hell, even relevent.  Bas felt the same way, so i know it wasn't just my PMS making me extra-scathingly critical.

it was a similar (though more intense) feeling as what we both experienced when viewing the World Press Photo exposition - artists are making photographs that cannot stand alone.  what i mean by that is, without reading the accompanying "story" presented with each collection one finds nothing - not even pure aesthetic value - in the work.  and even in reading the description or abbreviated artist's intention, it is clear that the image or images are failing to communicate what it is they are supposed to.  and the presentation/display of most works was appallingly amateur.

the best part of the day was getting caught in the rain as we were walking in an outdoor exhibit across the grassy tops of the fortress, along muddy foot trails and pausing to smooch underneath the semi-protective canopy of the occasional tree.

yesterday i spent the morning lost in a sea of emotional turmoil and then talked myself out of it and gave the downstairs a much needed cleaning, did 3 loads of laundry and went grocery shopping.  i also managed to break a dinner plate and slice my thumb pretty good - it bled for hours (in fact, today it started bleeding again).  by the time Bas came home i was feeling much better and we made a delicious dinner together of eggplant sauted with fresh garlic, onions and sun dried tomatoes and seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg and served with couscous and topped with lots o' feta cheese and toasted pine nuts.  mmmmmm.

today... after this morning's client cancelled, i found myself taking a stroll around town and popping into an antiques store that has the most adorable Art Deco tea set ever in its window.  i've passed it countless times and have always wondered if it was any kind of affordable, so i stopped in to inquire.  alas!  it is not... however, as i was standing around waiting for the Dutch proprieters to stop talking to each other and actually help out their sole patron (me), possibly one of the most wonderful brooches caught my eye.

i knew it had to be mine.  and can you blame me?  i mean, just behold its splendor:

if ever a piece of jewelry said "Jana Shea" it was this sweet find.  i love not only the deer (reminiscent of the infamous KU cyborg deer) but the wreath of tiny pewter pine cones!  and i don't feel guilty at all about the indulgence because the asking price was an unbelievable 10 euro in a store with ridiculously high prices on everything (granted all antiques, but half the stuff was far from high quality as far as antiques go).  so i snatched that beauty up.

can't believe they didn't know its potential value.  while i'm certainly no expert, i do love vintage costume jewelry and do know what to look for.  i believe it is a "Miracle", a piece manufactured by A. Hill and Company (Birmingham) Ltd. circa mid 1940s or 1950s.  it's not worth a fortune or anything, but it is a collectible and will increase in value - not that it really matters to me or anything, just makes it all the better of a purchase.  (btw, not sure if the stones are real or not, as the company used both real semi-precious stones and high quality glass in its designs.)

but... i am thinking about soldering a small jump ring onto its back and turning it into a pendant.  because wouldn't this 2-inch diameter brooch look fantastic as a pendant?  oh, it so totally would!  ...and guess whose bf just happens to have a soldering gun at the ready?
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timidninjathorne108 on June 4th, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
That is so perfectly Jana. You definitely need to turn it into a pendant - and then you need to post a picture of you modeling it.